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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


SUBANG JAYA, 10 November 2010 – PROTON Holdings Berhad unveiled the Proton Inspira today, the much anticipated mid-sized four-door sedan, enhancing and strengthening the upper C-segment offering of PROTON's model line-up.

Unveiling the Proton Inspira was the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Dato ' Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed who was accompanied by PROTON Adviser Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. Also present at the ceremony was PROTON Holdings Berhad Chairman Dato' Sri Mohd. Nadzmi Mohd. Salleh and Group Managing Director Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

The Proton Inspira, the result of an OEM collaboration between PROTON and Mitsubishi Motor Corporation of Japan, has been enhanced further by PROTON in terms of the car's performance and ride comfort. In addition, PROTON has also made several significant aesthetic enhancements to the Proton Inspira highlighting its elegant-yet-sporty looks. "We have further enhanced the car with several new features including the unmistakable Lotus DNA of exceptional ride and handling and now, what we present to you here, is a product that is more affordable for Malaysians," said Dato' Syed Zainal Abidin.

"We are very encouraged by the customers' response since our soft launch on 14th October 2010. As of yesterday, we have an overwhelming response of 1,800 bookings nationwide," he added.

Dato' Sri Mohd. Nadzmi said that the Proton Inspira is part of the strategy to elevate PROTON to the next level of becoming a global car manufacturer. "PROTON is ready to move even further ahead to become a recognised player in the global automotive industry. We have been working and collaborating with Mitsubishi for the last 25 years and its a natural step forward for us to continue to work with them in this project. Product collaboration between OEMs is a normal practice amongst international car industry players as the partnership will be a mutual benefit between all parties.

"One of our product strategy is to introduce non-core models through strategic collaborations which provides a more efficient, timely, and cost effective product to the market. The Proton Inspira is an excellent example of this strategic collaboration," explains Dato' Sri Mohd. Nadzmi.

"PROTON will continue to focus on our own design and production of our own cars. We are in fact working on several new models. Customers can expect a new facelift model rolling out from our plant by end of this year and more next year and a new model in 2012 – all done by PROTON in total," assured Dato' Sri Mohd. Nadzmi.

The all-new Proton Inspira is available in 1.8-litre CVT and manual transmission as well as in 2- liter CVT transmission. The automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) comes with the Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System (INVECS-III). It is an advanced system that automatically selects the optimal gear ratio based on road and driving conditions with a self-learning ability to match an individual's driving style. The Proton Inspira is also fitted with Mitsubishi's Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system or in short, MIVEC, a technology that provides optimal valve timing at both low and high rev ranges.

Customers can view the Proton Inspira from today at all Proton Edar showrooms nationwide and it can be booked at a minimum fee of RM1,000. Early birds who book the car before 15th of November 2010, will get a free two-year or first 50,000km (whichever comes first) Service Package which includes free labor charges and service parts valued more than RM1,658.

To learn more about the Proton Inspira, visit its website or visit the nearest Proton Edar showroom today.

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